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Darwin is an innovation platform that uses A.I. and crowdsourced expertise to make financing an innovation less risky and more transparent for both entrepreneurs and investors.

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The majority of startups fail before they even launch, and a significant percentage (over 90%) fail even after they've raised a round and launched a market solution.

Darwin has re-engineered how entrepreneurs go about launching their venture, validating it and raising innovation capital with the primary goal of enabling innovation to happen at a faster rate.

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Not just for startups - but for investors as well

Darwin offers investors access to high-quality startups that have gone through thorough due diligence and are investable.

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We've partnered with leading groups in the space to make sure we bring the best solution possible to the startup world.

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George Georgallides


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Darwin makes it easier for entrepreneurs to build their startup with the help of a Darwin community that includes potential investors, customers, users, mentors, and much more.

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Darwin makes it easy for individuals with experience in different industries and functional areas to support innovators and provide feedback on their solution. Darwin also makes it possible for the first time, for experts/mentors to participate in the ongoing success of an early stage venture.

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