Accelerate early stage financing

Darwin reduces the time and risk involved in early stage fundraising, for both entrepreneurs and investors

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Are you an early-stage startup founder?

We'd like to work with you as early as idea-stage and cultivate your startup to make it all the way to Series A. We do this by helping you:

  • Accelerate your fundraising

    Cut down the time it takes to fundraise from 6 months to 6 weeks and take the extra time to do what you love: building the product.

  • Reduce your risk of failing

    Identify which areas you need to improve and know exactly where you stand with no more second-guessing your product market fit, team solution fit or business model fit.

  • Focus on what matters the most

    Simulate potential changes in each area of your startup to know which one will have the biggest impact.

  • Learn from the best

    Don't reinvent the wheel, get the tried-and-true formula from expert mentors that have been on the same path as you before and came out as winners.

  • Make an awesome first impression

    Find out a potential investor's opinion about your startup by asking their "digital twin"2, and then adapt your product to make a killer impact at the real meeting.

  • Save money

    Receive $25,000 in Digital Ocean credit, $1,000 in AWS promotional credit and 2 months of AWS Business Support for free1.

  • Get your first client

    Connect with Fortune 500 corporations that are willing to pay for your first proof of concept (POC).

Are you an early-stage investor?

We'd like to make your job easier and better so you can spend more time doing the things you love, like spending time with your family or going to your son's ball game. We do this by helping you:

  • Expand your deal flow

    Only one out of every 3500 startups that seek funding ends up being a unicorn. We make sure you don't miss out on the next Google by providing you access to thousands of startups through our global network of scouts, accelerators and startup competitions.

  • Scale your due-diligence

    Thousands of startups mean tens of thousands of hours of due diligence, which leads to massive expenses and potential unicorns falling through the cracks. Cut through all the noise with our assessments of product-market fit, team solution fit and business model fit.

  • De-risk your investments

    Remove personal biases and beat the industry average of successful investments in pre-seed startups. Use Darwin's Hybrid Intelligence4 for an instant glimpse into each startup's odds for success, and protect your LP's money.

  • Accelerate your capital allocation

    Don't waste time on deals that don't fit your preferences. Darwin's Digital Twin2 can learn and simulate your decision-making process so it will only recommend startups you are most likely to invest in

  • Bulletproof the process

    Avoid having conversations and information on multiple places by managing every step directly from Darwin.

  • Enhance your proprietary system

    Did you build your own custom tech stack? Keep the parts you love and integrate the Darwin parts you need, whether that's the scouts, the experts or any other part of the hybrid intelligence engine. Your data will always be siloed from the rest of Darwin.

  • Build your reputation faster

    Get instant feedback from entrepreneurs and promote it to get into better deals.

Are you an expert in early-stage startups?

Do you believe you have the analytical skills required to assess if a startup is the next Uber? Or, do you have the experience in a specific industry that can help a founder be successful? We'd like to help you put your skills to use. Get a chance to provide feedback or assess world-class startups on areas such as product-market fit, business model fit and team solution fit. Apply to become an expert on Darwin and get to:

  • Build your reputation

    Establish prominence in the community through the feedback you provide to the startups. Use your reputation to leverage your position in the industry and make more money.

  • Build your startup portfolio

    Whenever you provide valuable feedback to a startup, you get compensated with equity from the Darwin Equity Pool fund3. The more valuable the feedback, the higher the compensation.

  • Monetize your intelligence

    Darwin's Hybrid Intelligence4 learns how you rate startups and over time it creates a digital copy (your "Digital Twin"). We then ask for startup feedback from your Digital Twin2 and still compensate you for it.

  • Meet talented entrepreneurs

    Connect with top entrepreneurs from all over the world and create a world-class network.

Do you know talented entrepreneurs building the next Uber?

Help them turn their ideas into reality by referring them to Darwin. You get to be a hero and ...

  • Build your reputation

    Establish prominence in the community by being the one that helped each founder turn their idea into a reality. Use your reputation to leverage your position in the industry and make more money.

  • Build your startup portfolio.

    For each startup you refer and we help reach their next round of funding, you get compensated with equity from the Darwin Equity Pool fund3. The better the startup, the higher the compensation

1.- Each startup that's part of Darwin is eligible to apply for Digital Ocean's Hatch program and AWS's Activate program as a Darwin portfolio company in order to receive the promotional credits. Certain terms & conditions apply that may make your startup ineligible for participation. You will receive all the information and guidelines once you are accepted in the Darwin program.
2.- Digital Twin: Part of Darwin's Hybrid Intelligence that learns how individuals make their decisions when they rate startups for feedback or investment, whether consciously or subconsciously. As long as the user gives approval, Darwin may ask their "digital twin" instead of the user about the decision, thus allowing them to make money while they are sleeping.
3.- Darwin Equity Pool Fund: a fund by Darwin that holds advisory equity from each startup that Darwin cultivated and helped fund raise. 50% of the fund 's return will be given back to the Darwin users and be used to reward scouts and experts. We will be publishing the formula used to reward users and improve it over time with the community's input. The availability of the Darwin Equity Pool Fund depends on the legal system of each country. We are working hard to make it available for everyone, but in the beginning, for some countries it may only be available to accredited investors or none at all.
4.- Hybrid Intelligence: Darwin's proprietary technology that uses machine learning and expert's input to assess a startup's odds of success. You can read our published research here or here.